Falcon Northwest Tiki: Haswell and Titan Team Up

Power Consumption and Noise

Small form-factor PCs typically aren’t power hogs compared to mid- and full-tower gaming systems. Size and heat constraints play a role, as do the other components in the rig. SFFs generally have only one discrete graphics card and don’t require the big, bulky radiators and system fans that bigger desktops do. To test the Falcon Northwest Tiki’s power consumption, we used a power meter at the outlet to measure the system at idle. Then, we ran Prime 95 and FurMark, to engage the Tiki’s resources and recorded the wattage again.

The Tiki proved to have a fairly low draw, even under load. Chances are, this isn’t news that will affect your buying decision, but it’s worth keeping in mind. Noise, on the other hand, is an important issue for many buyers. When it comes to noise, the Tiki is as stealthy as it looks. Even under load, there was no significantly annoying output to speak of.

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