Falcon Northwest Tiki: Haswell and Titan Team Up

Gaming Benchmarks: Batman: Arkham City and Hitman: Absolution

To wrap up the game benchmarks, we ran Batman: Arkham City and Hitman: Absolution. Both games offer DX11 gaming modes and advanced graphics technologies, including tessellation.

Batman Arkham City
DX11 Gaming Performance
  Batman: Arkham City follows the aging Batman: Arkham Asylum and brings with it updated graphics. We turned on Nvidia PhysX and cranked the detail to Very High. 

The Falcon Northwest Tiki handled Batman without trouble, putting up the highest frame rates we’ve received from an SFF, though it tied with the AVA Direct Mini Gaming PC at 1280 x 1024. At 1920 x 1080, it posted 112 fps, which is speedy.

Hitman: Absolution
DX11 Gaming Performance
  Our final game benchmark of the review is of Hitman, the blockbuster series that follows an assassin as he finds himself go from hunter to prey. The benchmark routine makes use of Hitman: Absolution's support for Global Illumination, which provides realistic lighting, but also hammers on NVIDIA-based graphics cards. The benchmark shows a throng of people watching fireworks in crowded city square. 

Hitman: Absolution can bring a lesser gaming system to its knees, but the Falcon Northwest Tiki blazed through it, posting 67.84 fps at 1920 x 1080. Weirdly, its performance dropped a bit at the lowest resolution in our test.

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