Falcon Northwest Tiki: Haswell and Titan Team Up

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Performance Summary and Conclusion

Whether you’re planning to buy a full-size gaming PC or an SFF, many of your considerations will be the same. Performance is critical, of course. And, if you’re looking at luxury rigs, then unique features and extras are important, too. You’re paying for a system that stands out.

The Falcon Northwest Tiki nails the luxury SFF category. With its granite base and backlit logo, the Tiki is striking. Every inch of the system shows Falcon Northwest’s attention to detail, and even the littlest things get some love - a prime example being that the side panel’s two screws include tiny washers. The glue that secures the cable connectors to the Tiki’s components is another nice touch. These aren’t hugely significant things, to be sure, but that’s the point of buying a luxury rig – everything is handled expertly. No part of the system should look like it was just thrown together. It's about attention to detail.

That luxury extends to the buying and ownership experience, as well. The Tiki arrived in custom packaging and its accessories (the binder and care package) are excellent. The Tiki's warranty includes overnight shipping for repairs for the first year, which is above and beyond most typical warranties.

On the performance side, the Tiki is at the top of its class, providing real firepower and plenty of storage for a typical gamer. The RAID-0 SSD setup is a standout feature here, giving your OS subsystem some extra oomph. Given that the scale is tipped so much more toward the pros than the cons for the Tiki, we feel very comfortable recommending it. If PC lux is your gig, the Tiki is a solid bet.

  • Killer all-around performance
  •  Boy, that Reset button is easy to hit
  • Eye-catching, solid chassis

  • Luxury touches, from a striped array to worthwhile swag
  • Nearly Silent
  •  Upgrading certain components, particularly the graphics card, looks like it might be a hassle

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