Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2 Notebook - Gaming and Performance

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Construction: Upgrading and Maintenance

Construction: Upgrading and Maintenance
A Look Inside...

The display can swivel on a complete 180 degree plane. It actually goes approximately 5 degrees below being completely parallel.

Like the previous Dell Latitude designs, you can easily access the keyboard by first popping out the bezel above the keyboard from the right divot and unscrewing the two keyboard screws. After that all you need to do is slide the keyboard up and out.

While you can see portions of the CPU cooler atop the CPU (left side) and the larger GPU cooler atop the GPU module (right side), you cannot access them. You won't be able to remove the CPU cooler for cleaning unless you disassemble the entire top casing of the notebook. This also goes for the GPU module. In both scenarios, you will have to disassemble the display from the rest of the notebook.



Removing the bottom access panels gives way to reveal two SODIMM memory banks, miniPCI slot (populated by WiFi card), hard drive, and modem module. The sample we have here came populated with 2 x Hynix 512MB DDR2 PC4200.

The hard drive can be removed by unscrewing the two screws securing the hard drive enclosure. The screws are short screws and probably will need to be removed by a magnetically charged screwdriver, by turning over the notebook so that they fall out, and or by using your fingernails to pull them out.

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