Alienware Area 51: Triad, Tri-SLI GTX 980, Haswell-E

Crysis 3 Performance

Crysis 3, which is powered by Crytek’s proprietary CryENGINE 3 technology, is the third installment in this popular franchise. Crysis 3 is the sequel to 2011’s Crysis 2 and follows Prophet as he returns to New York a few years after the events of Crysis 2. Like previous games in the franchise, Crysis 3 has impressive visuals that can tax even the most powerful PCs when cranked up to their maximum values. We tested this game at various resolutions with all in-game graphics options set to Very High, with 4X MSAA and 16X anisotropic filtering enabled and motion blur set to high.

Crysis 3
DirectX 11 Gaming - Yes, it can play Crysis 

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 scaled very well on the Area 51's triple GeForce GTX 980 configuration. At both resolutions, the Alienware Area 51 was the clear leader, by a very wide margin, in terms of average and minimum frame rates. That third card also gives the system the ability to make the game perfectly playable at 4K with maximum details, whereas the dual-card configuration could not. And so, it can be said, it can "play Crysis 3," even at 4K and dialed-up to max visuals.

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