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The OnAir USB HDTV Creator
Image Quality Sampling
Next, we wanted to provide a demonstration of video quality with the various signals.  In each instance, we linked a full sized screen shot of the thumbnail image, with the full sized image taken with the OnAir Creator's screen capture function.  The larger files were saved as JPG, so compression is present, but this is still a decent representation of what the OnAir USB HDTV Creator was capable of.

Analog - 720x480 @ 4:3


DTV - 704x480 @ 4:3


DTV-1280x720 @ 16:9


DTV-1920x1080 @ 16:9

When reviewing the various images from Analog to Digital 1080i, the progression in image quality improvement is clear in each step.  The level of detail noticeably improves with each progression, even when viewing the thumbnails or the full sized screen shots with JPG compression.  I can say that in each case, the image quality was certainly better than the screen shots represent, and the screen shots are impressive.

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