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The OnAir USB HDTV Creator - Installation and Setup

The OnAir USB HDTV Creator
Driver and Software Setup
Installation of the OnAir USB HDTV Creator was about as easy as it gets, but there were some hiccups with Windows XP.  Before connecting the device to a USB port on the PC, the Driver Installation needs to complete, which takes less than a minute.  Once complete, however, when we connected the device to a USB port on the PC, Windows New Hardware manager detected that a new device has been connected and prompted us accordingly.  If we set the manager to install the software automatically, the process failed, as it was unable to locate a suitable driver.  To install properly, we had to manually navigate to the installation directory for the driver to be detected.  In Windows Vista, the driver was automatically detected properly.


Next, the OnAirCR USB HDTV software needed to be installed, which only took a little longer than the driver installation.  During this process, the user needs to decide on a few options before the process can continue.  There is the option to have the remote control software (known as OnAir USB HDTV Remocon) launch when Windows loads as well as whether the program schedule should launch as well.


Once the software installation completed, the PureVideo installer automatically launched to install the PureVideo DVD Silver package with 5.1 audio support.  After entering the requisite serial number and activation code, the PureVideo installer completed and we're ready to connect the unit to the PC.

The last step was to run the InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 installer for DVD authoring.  For the purposes of this review, we'll keep our attention focused on the software required for operation and configuration the Autumnwave OnAir USB HDTV Creator.

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