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OnAir Creator Software Continued

OnAir Creator Software Continued
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The OnAir Creator does offer extensive options to control how the software behaves.  Color, Tint, Hue and Contrast adjustments are available as well as a zoom feature that scales up to 500%.  There is a rudimentary File List Manager for file list control of recorded media and a signal viewer is provided to display signal to noise ratio in dB, which is useful for OTA signal reception.  The software video input options include Digital and Analog for TV reception while Video and S-Video work to capture from external sources.  The File option is used to playback recorded video.    There is also D-VHS mode which can be configured for DTV Source, File Source and Tape Source.  Closed Captioning is available from up to two channels and a dictionary mode can be enabled.

The Screen Size output can be set to Normal, Full Screen, Fit-to-Screen and Background .  The Screen Ratio ranges from 4:3, 16:9, Pan and Custom, but lacks an auto option, requiring manual adjustment when the signal changes.   There is a Sleep Timer which can close the program at set intervals ranging from 10 to 240 minutes in convenient increments.

The main option on the Operation Control screen are well laid out with a familiar feel.  The upper left provides a signal strength meter similar to what you find on a cell phone.  There is a dual function timer that displays the time stamp of the video being played versus real time, which is handy when pausing live video.  There is an audio menu for adjustment of audio playback based on the available choices embedded in the signal, such as alternate language (SAP).  The are standard player control buttons, such as an eject button which opens a File Open dialog box, Stop, Play/Pause, Previous, Backward, Forward and Next buttons for video control.  Oddly, the pause control is not enabled by default, requiring the user to enable the TimeShifting feature in the Options screen.  Pause is a basic function that should automatically be on if it is an option, in our opinion.  Our initial impression was the pause did not work as we never considered such a function would be considered optional.  There is also a record button for instant recording of video and a screen capture button that saves images in both JPG and BMP formats.



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