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The OnAir USB HDTV Creator Software

The OnAir USB HDTV Creator Software
Software Feature Overview
Once the hardware is connected, it's time to fire up the OnAir USB Creator tuner software to configure the tuner for playback.  By default, the software detects that it's running for the first time and offers to scan for available channels on the signal sources of your choice.  The software defaults to scan both analog and  digital signals from both cable and OTA sources, but in our case, we opted to scan for channels with only the two cable sources.  After several minutes, the program provided a global view of the channels discovered during the process via the Channel Manager (lower right image).

The Channel Manager makes it easy to select, edit and remove channels as needed and even filters pay channels automatically, which are made visible by ticking the Pay TV field at the upper left of the window.  Channels could also be marked as favorites if desired, however, once we marked a channel as a favorite, there was no clear way to remove it.  Only after placing a tick in the Favorites field at the top of the window did the Add Favorite button change to a Delete Favorite button.

The Channel Manager also provided access to the software's Scheduler for custom program recording.  This was another area that was user unfriendly, making scheduling recordings an awkward task.  There was a calendar, source selection and action (record or watch), and controls for what to do when the schedule expires, like close the program, continue watching or shutting down the PC.  Once the Date, Time, Source and Action were selected, the repeat settings allow for recording once, daily or weekly with the option to select various days to record.  Once done, select a channel from the Channel Manager, edit the label and press Add.  While functional, the process simply is not as intuitive as we've seen with other software packages.  What was lacking more so was a fully functional Guide program to  scan for future and current programming.  Pressing the Guide button on the Remote Control did offer a basic listing of channel programming available on the DTV signal, but the Analog signal offered no details and no obvious way to configure the software to pull information from the Internet regarding local Analog programming.  Windows MCE, NVIDIA's DualTV and ATI's MMC all offer a fully functional guide program that makes it very easy to scan and schedule recordings of available programming.  

AutumnWave does provide a Help File within the program, however, that too suffers from some shortcomings.  When investigating how to work with the Scheduler, we found the help file simplistic and the screen captures of the various control windows were from what appeared to be a different version of the software.  It does appear that the software package that accompanies the OnAir Creator does need to mature a bit.



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