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Benchmark Summary: Unfortunately, without a similarly configured laptop to directly compare the Mobility Radeon X700's performance to another GPU, we can't say exactly where it stands on the 3D performance scale. It's basically about twice as fast as the 4-pipe MR 9700. What we can say is that the Mobility Radeon X700 is perfectly capable of playing any of today's popular games without sacrificing image quality or disabling any advanced features.  And the Mobility Radeon X700's power consumption and thermal characteristics make it suitable for use in a much more "travel friendly" package.

The Mobility Radeon X700 hits the sweet-spot in mobile graphics in our opinion. It's fast enough to play all of today's advanced games at adequate frame rates, and its power requirements are low enough to make it usable in a sleek "performance thin" form factor. The Mobility Radeon 9700/9800/X800 are all excellent mobile GPUs, but the desktop replacement form factor they usually require is just too big and heavy to make carrying them around very easy. The Mobility Radeon X700, however, doesn't require such a large form factor and when incorporated into a design like the Acer TravelMate 8100 we tested, portability is no problem whatsoever.  With a recommended form factor that's easy on travelers, and power consumption levels that don't drain batteries in a matter on minutes, the Mobility Radeon X700 is going to appeal to a large audience. We're sure NVIDIA has something similar on the way in the not so distant future as well, but for now, ATI has another industry leading product on their hands.  The Mobility Radeon X700 is an excellent addition to their mobile GPU line-up.

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