Asetek WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Power kit - KT12AT-L30

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Overclocked to 3.44GHz

Overclocked to 3.44GHz with Low RPM's
As fast as it will go.... without crashing

During this round of tests we overclocked our system to 3.4GHz and took thermal readings in the same manor as the stock speed, then record the results to produce the graphs below.

During the last fully stable set of tests we ran, the WaterChill System yet again rose to the top and obtained about an 4oF advantage in cooling over the Jet4 while idle and about a 29oF difference when under full load.  Though both systems faired well during this set, the Jet4 reached its limit during this round and we where unable to overclock the computer any further with this particular CoolerMaster product while keeping the system running fully stable.

Overclocked to 3.44GHz with High RPM's
As fast as it will go.... without crashing


As expected, in reference from the previous results, the increase in fan speed continued to impact the temperature slightly.  And as previously established, the WaterChill system took the lead once again with a difference of about 9oF while idle and 29oF while under load.

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