Asetek WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Power kit - KT12AT-L30

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Miscellaneous parts and Plexiglas tops

Miscellaneous parts and Plexiglas tops
The stuff that's in the small baggies...


cpu waterblock hardware chipset waterblock hardware vpu waterblock hardware
15 feet hose no kinks 1/2" diamter
anti-algae  fluid pump base and suction
cup cable guides
power cord, y-adaptor and
screws for fans

The pictures above are a mix of the remaining hardware which is included within the WaterChill kit.  Ranging from bolts and springs to anti-algae fluid and power cords, the kit holds everything one needs to affix every part to the hardware within one's case.

Water Block Socket Adaptors
Intel P4 AMD Intel - Socket T

The last thing we wanted to quickly cover before looking at the kit's performance are the three different socket adaptors.  Whether you are running an Intel or AMD system, Asetek has ensured that their CPU Cooler will fit any standard layout motherboard via the adaptors above.  Installation only requires a minute and the large rubber o-ring on each adaptor helps eliminate the chance of leakage once you swap the top.

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