Asetek WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Power kit - KT12AT-L30

Introduction, Specificatons and Bundle

With today's ever advancing PC technology, it seems that two things ultimately remain unchanged; an increase in performance usually means an escalation in heat output.  Currently, air cooling techniques can still keep most computer hardware operating at reasonable temperatures, but those who decide to squeeze every ounce of performance from their systems will see, and potentially hear, the limitations of these methods. With some systems starting to rival the noise levels of the household vacuum, computer enthusiasts are always on the hunt for alternative cooling solutions that may quiet down their rigs.  This is where Asetek comes in.

Asetek is known for producing such infamous cooling systems as the VapoChill vapor-phase change system, but they also produce a full line of water-cooling related products as well. Asetek's latest addition to their WaterChill line of products, the KT12AT-L30, is also known as the WaterChill Extreme Edition. Sporting a massive radiator which hosts three 120mm fans, water blocks for your CPU, VPU, and Chipset, and a pump that moves about 900L/H, this kit seemed very promising.  But, as we all know that when it comes to hardware, some products don't perform nearly as good as they're supposed to. Let's see how the WaterChill Extreme Edition fared though, shall we?

The hard numbers
KT12AT-L30 component overview:
  • WaterChill CPU Cooler Antarctica block supporting Intel P4 LGA 775 (Socket T)
  • WaterChill Chipset cooler block NB01/P1 supporting Intel, AMD, SnIS and VIA chip sets
  • WaterChill VGA cooler block VGA02/P1 supporting Nvidia/Gforce ad ATI/Radeon AGP cards
  • Black Ice Pro DUAL Radiator with push on fittings
  • 3 X 120 mm Low Noise Adda Fans with push on fittings
  • 900 l/hr SACEM Pump with push on fittings. Less heat dissipation from pump, due to improved impeller design
  • WaterChill Control Unit with SafeStartTM, NoiseControlTM and LED connection
  • WaterChill Plexiglas Reservoir
  • WaterChill Tube Set (3.0 mtr.)
  • ALL fittings and mounting accessories are included
  • WaterChill Anti Alga Fluid - WaterWetter [10mm bottle]
  • Heat Conduction Compound - 2 ml tube
  • Installation Manual
  • Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price ex. VAT [Within the US] $ 349.00

The Waterchill kit came in an eye-catching semi-transparent plastic box, which is constructed in a very similar fashion to corrugated cardboard, but is made of heavy-duty plastic.  Taking a brief gander at the box (refer to images below) we were able to find some information which gave a brief synopsis of what the WaterChill kit is supposed to do, a large Asetek logo and a round sticker advertising the "free" swag Asetek has included within the package.

top of the box box info asetek logo
swag sticker with lid open the swag

Opening the box, we found all of the hardware neatly sandwiched between three layers of egg-crate foam and individually packed in zip-lock baggies.  After a fairly intensive visual inspection of all the hardware, we did not see any signs of damage that occurred during the shipping of the product overseas from Europe.  All in all, the care taken while packaging this product will surely decrease the risk of damage during normal shipping procedures whether ordered on-line or purchased at your local retailer.

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