Asetek WaterChill CPU/VGA/Chipset Power kit - KT12AT-L30

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In retrospect, we can confidently say that Asetek's WaterChill Extreme cooling system is a very effective water cooling kit.  The performance advantage of the system is very apparent when compared to a standard fan based cooling solution.  Of course this method of cooling does come with its risks and small disadvantages.  Most obvious being the risk of mixing water with electricity, and the extra space needed within the chassis.  Though the thoughts of losing a system due to a small leak lurk in the back of our minds, with a little care taken during installation, this risk can be minimized dramatically.  Coupling that notion with the great build quality and easy to use quick connect fittings, Asetek has done their best to ensure that end users experiences little to no issues during installation/use.

As for the drawbacks, the only one that we can see is the size of the 3x120mm radiator.  Though there is a small increase in cooling delivered by the 3x120mm radiator, some may want to consider the 2x120mm version if they are not comfortable with case modifications. In our instance, we decided to use the 3x120mm radiator, but mounted it externally atop of our Silverstone TJ06 chassis, using the mounting brackets for the 120mm fans on the reverse side of the radiator.  However, if you want to keep things looking clean and try to mount the larger radiator within a case, you may have to mod the chassis somewhat to make it fit.

Overall though, whether you are an enthusiast looking for an alternative way to boost your system's speed, reduce the noise level below vacuum cleaner levels, or just want to fill the system with reactive dye so your rig looks sexy at the next LAN party, the Asetek WaterChill Extreme is definitely a safe choice.  With fantastic performance, great build quality, easy assembly and a cost below $350, we're comfortable recommending Asetek's WaterChill Extreme.  We have decided to award this kit an 9 out of 10 on the Heat Meter.

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  • Great Performance
  • Great Build Quality
  • All Inclusive Kit (minus the water)
  • Good Price vs Other Kits
  • Swank Hat and Lanyard
  • Large Radiator
  • First Two Pumps Leaked


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