AMD Kaveri Arrives: A8-7600 APU Review

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Low-Res Gaming: Crysis and Bioshock

For our next set of tests, we moved on to some low-res benchmarking with Crysis (DirectX) and Bioshock Infinite (DirectX). In these tests, we drop the resolution to 1024x768 or 800x600, and reduce all of the in-game graphical options to their lowest values to minimize the load being placed on the GPUs and allow the CPUs to push frame rates as high as possible. However, the in-game effects, which control the level of detail for the games' physics engines and particle systems, which typically leverage the CPU, are left at their maximum values.

Low-Resolution Gaming: Crysis and Bioshock Infinite
Minimizing the GPU Load

The A8-7600 performed much like the A8-6500T in both of these game tests, due to its somewhat hobbled GPU and conservative CPU clocks. The A10-6800K, however, was clearly the fastest overall. Versus the Intel processors though, there's  simply no comparison--the A8-7600, regardless of its TDP configuration, smashed the Core i5-4670K and i3-4330.

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