AMD Kaveri Arrives: A8-7600 APU Review

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Futuremark PCMark 8 v2

PCMark 8 v2 is the latest version in Futuremark’s series of popular PC benchmarking tools. It is designed to test the performance of all types of systems, from tablets to desktops. PCMark 8 offers five separate benchmark tests--plus battery life testing—to help consumers find the devices that offers the perfect combination of efficiency and performance for their particular use case. This latest version of the suite improve the Home, Creative and Work benchmarks with new tests using popular open source applications for image processing, video editing and spreadsheets. A wide variety of workloads have also been added to the Work benchmark to better reflect the way PCs are used in enterprise environments.

PCMark 8 v2
System Level Benchmarks 

These tests can be run with our without OpenCL acceleration. We chose to run with OpenCL acceleration enabled to leverage all of the platforms’ CPU and GPU compute resources…

In the Home and Work PCMark 8 v2 tests, AMD's new APU puts up a very good showing, besting the more expensive (and higher power) A10-6800K and the Intel Core i5 and Core i3 processors. In the Creative mode tests, however, Intel's higher performing CPU cores and speedy QuickSync video encoding engine, propel the Core i3 and i5 processors way ahead of the AMD-based offerings.

Our apologies for not having more reference systems in the chart above. This benchmark worked fine the first time we ran it on each platform, but decided to barf as soon as we swapped out an APU or CPU. Due to time constraints, we let fly with what we had, but would have liked to include numbers with the A8-7600 operating in its 45w TDP mode and from an A8-6500T.

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