X-Arcade Tankstick - Dual Controller With Trackball

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Installation and Setup Scenarios

One of the most interesting aspects of the Tank Stick, as well as all of X-Arcade's various controllers, is that each model can be used with a broad array of console units when coupled with a custom adapter.  The adapters retail for $19.95 each.  The serial connector on the back of the system marries up to each adapter for easy connection to the game console of your choice.  Currently, X-Arcade supports Dreamcast, XBOX, Playstation 1 and 2, Nintendo WII and GameCube.  The XBOX 360 has unofficial support which requires an after market adapter that costs $80 and needs to be coupled with a Playstation 2 adapter as well. 

Common PC/MAC Setup
Common Game Console Setup

To interface with a typical PC or Mac, the Tank Stick can be connected using either the PS/2 or USB plug, but not both.  The PC or Mac cable connects to the Serial port while the other end connects to a PS/2 or USB port
Connecting to any gaming console is relatively simple with the appropriate adapter as well, although the Trackball is not supported with gaming consoles.

The Tank Stick is also capable of custom profiles or modes when used with a PC or Mac.  The rear of the unit sports a
mode switch which slides from 1, 2, 3, and 4.  1 is the default configuration and cannot be changed, however, when set for 2, 3, or 4, the Tank Stick can be programmed following simple steps.  We should note that programming requires a PS/2 keyboard.  Once connected, all of the units controls can be reprogrammed to virtually any combination you can come up with.  The biggest problem may be getting your hands on a PS/2 keyboard to complete the task.  Fortunately, with the key map above, it may prove more convenient to custom configure the controls in the game settings if extensive options are available.

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