X-Arcade Tankstick - Dual Controller With Trackball

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The X-Arcade Tank Stick: Up Close

As soon as you lay your hands on the Tank Stick, those of you who've spent your fair share of time with classic arcade machines will feel a bit of deja vu.  About the only thing missing from the Tank Stick is a coin slot.  This model comes equipped for twice the fun with dual joysticks and buttons as well as a center mounted trackball.  The name Tank Stick seems appropriate as the unit is extremely sturdy lending to a quality feel and comfort in knowing the product should offer a ton of trouble free usage.


The Tank Stick has a durable black textured surface adorned with an oversized X-Arcade logo with the Trackball falling in the center of the emblem.  Each left and right controller comes with eight supporting buttons that can be programmed for various functions.  Each joystick has a solid feel, yet moves with no restriction.  On the left and right sides are two additional buttons to support pin-ball style gaming as well, which also double as coin deposits when playing emulator style games using such emulators as MAME.


Connecting to a Mac or PC is easily achieved through the use of either USB or PS/2 (PC Only) connections.  The joysticks have their own connection, appearing as a keyboard to the computer system while the trackball appears as a mouse.  This approach is rather simplistic, making for seemless setup and compatibility as the unit is identified as common keyboard and mouse inputs, needing no custom drivers.  We tested the unit with Windows XP Pro 32-Bit, and both 32 and 64-Bit flavors of Vista Ultimate with no problems whatsoever.

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