High-End Workstation Graphics Shootout - AMD FireGL V8650 Vs. NVIDIA QuadroFX 5600

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SPEC ViewPerf 10 (FSAA Tests)

Workstation OpenGL Performance (FSAA)
Higher Numbers Are Better


In most cases, the performance charts don’t change that much when FSAA gets into the mix.  We only tested 0x/4x/8x, although the NVIDIA QuadroFX 5600 card reported scores up to 16x and 32x FSAA, which the FireGL V8650 card did not.   The QuadroFX card shows better scaling with FSAA in Ensight and UGNX, although the FireGL shows better scaling in SolidWorks and Maya.  All of the other tests scale roughly the same. Even at 8x FSAA, we see very little performance difference between the FireGL V7600 and V8650, with the exception of Maya.

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