Sony VAIO Tap 21 Multitouch Mobile Desktop Review

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Performance Summary & Conclusion

Performance Summary: Looking back at through the benchmarks shows that the Sony VAIO Tap 21 is no barnburner. Though it is powered by a Haswell-based Core i7 processor, said chip is only a dual-core (with HyperThreading). That’s probably enough for most users’ day-to-day computing needs, but it’s not enough to outpace some of the more powerful all-in-one systems we’ve tested recently. The hybrid storage solution used in our system was also somewhat slow, and because the machine was configured with only a single channel of memory, graphics performance was held back considerably as well.

The Sony VAIO Tap 21 Can Be Found For About $999 -- $1299 As Configured Here

The benchmarks, however, don’t convey what the user experience was like with the Sony VAIO Taop 21. Though the machine didn’t tear up the benchmarks, it was actually a pleasure to use. Sony didn’t outfit the system with very powerful hardware, but the user experience is still very good. Touch response was great, the system boots quickly, video playback is very good, and we never found ourselves waiting for the machine to launch applications or perform basic tasks. The screen is excellent and the audio output from the integrated speakers is also good. During everyday use, the included mouse was the only thing about the Tap 21 we felt detracted from the user experience, but that’s easily remedied.

The VAIO Tap 21’s sleek form factor, integrated battery, and multi-position stand also make it a good solution for a number of use cases. For one, this system would be an ideal family or kitchen PC. It’s got a tiny footprint, a good-sized screen, and because it can operate on battery power it can literally be picked up and moved anywhere on a whim. We also think the Tap 21 would be an awesome first computer for a child. We’re lucky enough to have a couple of crumb-snatchers roaming around the lab and to watch them intuitively touch the screen and make their way around the system is great. Being able to lay the machine flat and have two kid (or adults, for that matter) play together or collaborate on a project is cool too.

It’s not like the powerhouse, multi-core rigs we usually lust over here at HotHardware, but we really dig the Sony VAIO Tap 21. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with this machine and think you will too. If you’re in the market for a sleek, touch-friendly all-in-one system, give the VAIO Tap 21 a look.


  • Sleek, Flexible Form Factor
  • Nice Screen
  • Good Speakers
  • Great Touch Response
  • Not Terribly Fast
  • Premium Price

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