Sony VAIO Tap 21 Multitouch Mobile Desktop Review

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Graphics Performance

Next, we ran the Sony VAIO Tap 21 through a few gaming tests to see how it would fare.

Lost Planet 2
DX11 Gaming Performance

The Intel HD 4400 series graphics engine in the Sony Tap 21 isn't particularly powerful, especially when it's paired to only a single channel of memory. In these tests, we couldn't even enable anti-aliasing and complete the benchmark properly. The GT 430 with AA, was faster then the Intel HD 4400 without it.  It is safe to say that this machine is not ideal for gamers. It's fine for the casual stuff you might find on Facebook, but not for shooters or anything that requires a decent GPU.
Cinebench R15 OpenGL Test
3D Rendering

Cinebench R15’s GPU benchmark uses a 3D scene depicting a car chase, which measures the performance of a graphics card using OpenGL. The graphics card has to process a large amount of geometry (nearly 1 million polygons) and textures, as well as a variety of effects, such as bump maps, transparency, lighting and more. Results are reported in frames per second.

The VAIO Tap 21 fared a little better in Cinebench's OpenGL benchmark, but once again, the systems single-channel memory configuration, which results in relatively low memory bandwidth, holds it back. With dual-channel memory, the Intel HD 4400 series graphics engine should easily surpass the HD 4000 in the Ivy Bridge-based Core i5.

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