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Gaming Tests with UT2004 and Wolfenstein: ET


UT2004 Custom Demo & Wolfenstein:  Enemy Territory
Game Related Performance Testing

Another series of tests we like to perform involves using several common gaming benchmarks with reduced image quality settings.  This helps us look at CPU and Memory performance while reducing the effects of the video card on the results.  First up is our custom UT2004 demo followed by Wolfenstein: ET.

As with the other tests, it was a close race between the two boards, with the ASUS model taking the top spot by roughly 1.5 FPS.

With the OpenGL based Wolfenstein: ET, the results favored the Soltek QBIC EQ3501-Pro by 1 FPS.  Again, these results are not really in favor of one board or the other.  In the end, we have a dead heat here, showing that Soltek means business against the more well established ASUS product.

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