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Video Encoding with XMPEG and Windows Media Encoder 9

XMPEG and Windows Media Encoder 9
CPU Intensive Testing

One of the best ways to isolate CPU performance is by running a series of video encoding tests.  To make sure the results are accurate, we run two separate tests, both of which should share a similar trend.  First, we ran XMPEG with a 112MB MPEG file and converted it to AVI.  We followed that with a 426MB AVI file in Windows Media Encoder and converted it to WMV format, recording the times for both.

As we've seen in recent reviews, there is no real variation in performance with XMPEG between two boards based on the same chipset.  Here, each board completed the task in 1 minute and 12 seconds.

With Window Media Encoder 9, the conversion process took a bit longer, but still we so no real variation.  The Soltek QBIC EQ3501-Pro did fall short by a mere 1 second, which results in a tie for all intents and purposes.

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