Shuttle AK35GT2/R Motherboard Review

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The Shuttle AK35GT2/R Motherboard Review
Improving on a Proven Design

By, Jeff Bouton
May 16, 2002


Benchmarks and Comparisons Continued...
DirectX and The Winstones...

Before we move on to the next round of benchmarks, lets wind up the PCMark2002 segment with the HD Score...

PCMark2002 "HDD":

This time around the AK35GT2/R was able to pull ahead, aided by the High-Point HPT372 RAID controller. 

Clearly each test system had it's strengths and weaknesses versus each other, making for an excellent overall comparison test bed.  Will the AK35GT2/R and it's stronger CPU and HD performance prevail?  Or will the MSI and DFI systems hold the lead with their superior memory performance?  Let's get to it and see.

Direct X with MadOnion's 3DMark2001:

With the first round of 3DMark2001SE, we are possibly seeing the results of the lesser memory performance the AK35GT2/R posted compared to the competition.  At 800x600x32, the Shuttle board couldn't surpass the DFI with the KT266A chipset.  But what will happen as we increase the load at 1024x768x32?

Well now, the AK35GT2/R stepped up to the plate and placed a solid second to the MSI KT3 Ultra.  This time around the DFI couldn't keep up with the faster chipset, losing ground by over 100 points to the Shuttle system.

Don't you worry, we're not done stressing these boards yet.  Next we're going to really work them out with some Winstone lovin'.

The Winstones & Final Thoughts

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