Shuttle AK35GT2/R Motherboard Review

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The Shuttle AK35GT2/R Motherboard Review
Improving on a Proven Design

By, Jeff Bouton
May 16, 2002


Benchmarks and Comparisons
The CPU Test

Quake 3:

The first test we like to run in Quake 3's Timedemo "Demo001" at the lowest possible resolution.  This helps isolate the test to the system board by eliminating any load on the video card itself.  As with all tests, the scores were compared to an MSI KT3 Ultra ARU and a DFI AD73 RAID motherboard.

When it comes to CPU performance, the AK35GT2/R was virtually equal to that of the MSI KT3 Ultra, although the DFI surprised us with the highest score out of the three.  Note the increase gained while running the CPU at 1.71GHz.?  We're looking at a gain of over 9.5%.  Normally we've seen scores in past reviews that were virtually equivalent in percentage gained to the difference in MHz.  This system didn't quite reach that high, but it is still an excellent gain.

PCMark2002 "CPU":

The next test we have lined up is PCMark2002.  PCMark2002 is a system benchmark that focuses on the three most important components of a system, CPU, Memory, and Hard drive performance. 

The trend we saw in Quake 3 continued in the PCMark2002 CPU tests.  Once again the two KT333 based motherboards were neck in neck, while the KT266A system held the lead.  Let's see if this trend continues in the memory department.

PCMark2002 "Memory":

Now the tides have shifted a bit, with the MSI KT3 Ultra being the dominant test system.  Surprisingly the AK35GT2/R lagged in memory performance, it will be interesting to see whose performance will have the greatest effect on the benchmarks ahead.

More PCMark2002 & 3DMark2001SE

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