Sapphire Hybrid Radeon X800 XL

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Overclocking The Sapphire X800 XL

Overclocking The Sapphire "Hybrid" Radeon X800 XL
Making The Fast Even Faster...

Before we completed our testing, we spent a little time overclocking the Sapphire Hybrid Radeon X800 XL using the latest version of Entech's PowerStrip software.  Although, we could have overclocked the card just as easily with the included RedLine utility.  We should note, however, that the RedLine utility did not work "right out of the box" because it would not recognize the X800 XL GPU.  A quick trip to Sapphire's website to download the latest patch for the RedLine utility cleared things right up though...


After a little time and a little tweaking, we were able to hit a stable 442MHz core clock speed on the Sapphire Hybrid Radeon X800 XL, and a 558MHz (1.11GHz) memory clock, with nary a visual artifact.  Those are core and memory clock speed increases of 42MHz (10.5%) and 68MHz (13.8%).  With the card overclocked, we re-ran a couple of hi-resolution Aquamark and Doom 3 test and saw some nice performance improvements.  In Aquamark 3, the Sapphire Hybrid Radeon X800 XL's performance improved by about 7.2%, and in Doom 3 the card's framerate jumped by approximately 11.1%.

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