Samsung P2350 23" LCD Monitor Review

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Performance Summary: Our initial testing of the Samsung P2350 yielded some promising results. The P2350 performed up to par in almost every test we conducted, with the exception of the black solid fill screens where backlight bleed was an issue. When we conducted our video playback and gaming runs, the monitor continued to excel with regard to color reproduction. We detected very little motion blur in movies and absolutely none while gaming. However, backlight bleeding became more noticeable during our subjective analysis, especially in dark scenes. In addition, viewing angle performance could be improved, but that's the case with all TN panels of this class.  


With an asking price around $200, the P2350 could be an enticing option for mainstream consumers looking for a relatively large screen, that won't break the bank. In this case, Samsung has taken an economical TN panel and combined it with an attractive enclosure featuring their popular "Touch of Color" design. But competition is fierce at this particular price segment, with a myriad of screens featuring similar specs at a wide range of prices. We found similar monitors with asking prices as high as $300 and as low as $170. From this data, the P2350 is towards the lower end of the price spectrum which enhances its appeal.

The SyncMaster P2350 was designed for budget conscious consumers and in this regard it delivers. Besides being affordable, the screen's color reproduction and fast response time provides users with a satisfying visual experience. Furthermore, we think gamers would probably enjoy their experience with this display. However, the monitor is not perfect. Backlight bleeding, a shaky stand, and finicky touch buttons are all areas that need attention and should be improved upon.  Today, there are plenty of choices for consumers who want an affordable, HD capable monitor. And while the P2350 does have its flaws, at its price point it deserves a look.



  • Affordable
  • Fast 2ms response time
  • Modern cabinet design
  • Bottom edge backlight bleeding
  • Wobbly stand
  • Difficult touch buttons
  • Only two connection ports
  • Limited viewing angles

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