Samsung P2350 23" LCD Monitor Review

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Design, Build Quality, & Connectivity

The P2350 is an attractive monitor that mirrors the look of Samsung's line of LCD televisions. Its flaunts a modern design and is appropriate for a variety of computing environments. Although it isn't flashy, the display arguably looks more expensive than its asking price. Moreover, we don't feel that the high gloss finish is distracting at all, but it does show dust very easily. Keep the included cleaning cloth handy to wipe down the monitor from time to time.     

The P2350 is about 2" thick. It features bezels that are 0.8" along the top and sides, while the bottom bezel measures 1.5" thick. Similar to other Samsung monitors, the model number is found on the top left corner while the company logo and OSD buttons occupy the bottom edge. We also find an Energy Star symbol next to the 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast label on the top right corner of the monitor.


The P2350 comes with a simple, non-adjustable stand. Considering its price point, we halfheartedly accept that. But at the very least we would appreciate the ability to tilt the screen, instead of relying on the user to come up with creative ways to bring the monitor to an optimal viewing angle. However, a different issue arose immediately after pulling the P2350 out of the box and putting it together. The screen droops forward about 1" when sitting on the stand. Take a look at the pictures above and you should see the sag we're talking about. For clarity, the stand itself is stable but the screen seems to sit loosely upon the arm, which allows it to lean forward.      

P2350 Ports - AC Power, DVI, VGA

As for connectivity, the P2350 only offers two standard choices, DVI or VGA. If you're looking for DisplayPort, HDMI, S-Video, or Component ports, this is not the monitor for you. In addition to the DVI and VGA connectors, the only other option on the rear panel is the power connector. With no speakers attached to the monitor, the lack of HDMI or audio port isn't a deal breaker but something worth considering for those who prefer using an HDMI connection.    

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