Samsung P2350 23" LCD Monitor Review

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Subjective Analysis

Test patterns like those offered by Everest can be extremely useful for diagnostics and gauging a monitor's performance. This is especially useful to people who need their monitor to be perfectly calibrated for design work and photography. However, the P2350 is a widescreen monitor with a 6-bit panel and consumers won't necessarily purchase it exclusively for work. We'll conduct some real world tests with high definition video content next, and give you and idea of how well the monitor stands up to the sort of content is was designed to handle.

Subjective Tests
HD Movie Playback, Gaming and General Use

Clash of the Titans HD Trailer

We spent a lot of time watching videos on the P2350. Blu-ray, DVD, and HD home movies provided us with a broad range of video material to analyze. We found that the monitor responded well, with vivid colors and very minimal blurring. Along the bottom of the screen, back light bleeding is definitely a problem, as it became increasingly noticeable in dark scenes and particularly during videos that used letterboxing. To clarify, letterboxing is the use of black bars above and below a video in order to maintain its aspect ratio. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Any reason to fire up Modern Warfare 2 is a good one. We wanted to see how the P2350 performed during fast paced gaming with a variety of scenes, focusing on motion blur and image quality. After several hours of testing, we did not observe any issues with ghosting or motion blur. Obviously, the monitor's 2 ms response time deserves some recognition here. Unfortunately, the back light bleed along the bottom edge was also apparent during scenes that featured dark colors.

As for general usage, the monitor performed a variety of tasks easily without issue. Using the monitor's MagicBright settings to tweak the screen to our liking, tasks like web surfing and word processing went smoothly and were easy on the eyes. The Internet preset adjusts brightness to lower levels, while the Text setting dims the display even more. We admit these presets were slightly more comfortable on our eyes during long hours of use.

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