Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review: A Premium, Ultra-Thin Windows Convertible

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TabPro S Performance Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a moderately-priced, fanless 2-in-1 with an excellent screen, great build quality, and a stunningly-slim body, so it’s not surprising that both the price and thermal restraints of its form factor have tempered the tablet’s performance somewhat. Even so, the Galaxy TabPro S is perfectly capable of handling day-to-day work, both at home and in business settings.

concludeMicrosoft’s latest Surface Pro devices have higher resolution screens, more ports and – depending on the configuration – more power than the Galaxy TabPro S, but an important point to keep in mind is that the price tag on the Galaxy TabPro S is much lower than it seems at first glance. The tablet (with the keyboard included) sells for $899.99 on Samsung’s website. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 starts at $899 and doesn’t include the $129.99 Surface Pro 4 Type Cover. The TabPro S is also thinner and lighter and offered top-notch battery life.

The Galaxy TabPro S is a solid choice at this price and provides a relatively budget-friendly alternative to the Surface Pro 4. The display is quite good for both work and entertainment - provided that entertainment doesn’t involve high-end video games. The strong battery life should make the tablet capable of handling full work days, which is critical for business use.

I think many users will be able to overlook the keyboard quirks we mentioned. And though the case offers only two display angles for the tablet and shakes free of the tablet a little too easily when bumped, those are not deal breakers. If you use the Galaxy TabPro S on a desk or other flat surface and have a reasonably light touch, you shouldn’t run into much trouble. The real issue for most users will be whether they are comfortable with the flatness of the keyboard. And again, I think that comes down to how (and how much) you use the keyboard.

At this price, the Galaxy TabPro S is a good Windows-based 2-in-1 with a reasonable price tag, especially considering its gorgeous AMOLED display, ultra-slim form factor, and strong battery life.
approved hh

  • Thin, light tablet, even with cover
  • Good keyboard for light use
  • Solid battery life
  • Lacks card reader
  • Flat keyboard
  • Single configuration
  • Could be more sturdy in notebook mode

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