Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review: A Premium, Ultra-Thin Windows Convertible

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Battery Performance

Samsung puts the battery life expectancy of the Galaxy TabPro S at 10.5 hours. Whether you’ll see a full day of battery life from a single charge depends on how you use it, of course, so we ran two battery tests to see how the Galaxy TabPro S stacks up against other devices we have recently evaluated. 

In all tests, Windows 10 Quiet Hours have been enabled and displays are calibrated with lux meters on pure white screens to as close to 115 lux we can get. For the average notebook this is somewhere between a 45 - 60% brightness setting. Since notebook displays significantly affect power consumption and battery life, it's important to ensure a level playing field with respect to brightness of the display for battery testing. However, since many notebook displays vary in brightness at each respective brightness setting in Windows, calibration with the meter is also critical to ensure all displays are set to as near identical brightness as possible before testing.

Battery Life
Heavy and Light Loads

Battery Eater Pro is our heavy load test. It taxes the device’s processor, memory, graphics, and other subsystems continuously until the battery dies. The test is designed to approximate the battery’s performance in situations where you are using multiple programs or creating content.

Our custom HotHardware video loop test takes a 1080p HD video with a 16Kbps bit rate and loops it repeatedly, with 1-minute break intervals in between. A timer log file incrementally tracks uptime every minute and a final count is recorded before system shutdown. This is a lighter duty test than BatteryEater, but it is still a bit more strenuous than many office productivity tasks.

bep 2

hh batt test 2

The Super AMOLED display and Skylake-based Core m processor came through for the Galaxy TabPro S. The system produced long runs in both tests and even took top honors in the Battery Eater Pro test. 

It’s also worth noting that the Galaxy TabPro S charges quite quickly, which is important for a device you’re likely to use daily. Samsung estimates that a half-hour of charging will buying you nearly 2.5 hours of battery life. Even with the usual mileage-may-vary caveat, quick charging is a nice feature.

As for sound, the tablet is fanless and has no moving parts, so it is completely silent.  Even the keyboard is whisper-quiet.

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