Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: Feature-Packed And Refined [Updated]

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Galaxy Note7 Graphics And Gaming Performance

Next we'll test with GFXBench, which has been one of our standard mobile graphics performance benchmarks for quite a while now. In order to ensure V-sync and resolution isn’t a limiting factor, we will compare Offscreen test results here.

We also ran with Futuremark's 3DMark benchmark, which has been a staple 3D graphics benchmark for HotHardware across all mobile and desktop platforms for many years. In this case we're running 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, which is targeted for mobile devices and also runs at 720p in offscreen mode, so as to take display resolution out of the equation. We also tossed Basemark X into the mix, which is another cross-platform graphics benchmark.

GFXBench And 3DMark Ice Storm Benchmarks
Android Gaming And Graphics Benchmarks

Galaxy Note 7 GFXBench TRex

Galaxy Note 7 GFXBench Manhattan

In GFXBenchmark, the Galaxy Note7 shows strong performance well in the top quadrant of our test devices and comfortably slipping past the iPhone 6s with a 10 percent margin. It does fall in slightly behind the Galaxy S7 series, however. This trend continued in the more strenuous Manhattan test. 
Galaxy Note 7 3DMark Ice Storm Details3

Galaxy Note 7 3DMark Ice Storm FPS

3DMark IceStorm shows a tight grouping of all Snapdragon 820-powered devices, with the Galaxy Note7 right along side the Galaxy S7 series and the Moto Zs. Nothing quite catches the iPhone 6s in these tests and somehow the Snapdragon 810 powered Nexus 6P slips in just ahead of the Snapdragon 820 powered devices in the graphics tests, though it's far behind in physics computation. 

Galaxy Note 7 Basemark X

With Basemark X, which uses a real mobile game engine called Unity, the Galaxy Note7 trails the Galaxy S7 series by a small 5 percent margin, thought Moto Z family stretches that out a bit, north of 10 percent. It seems Samsung could make some optimizations here because the more bone-stock Android powered Moto Zs consistently outpaced current gen Samsung devices, though they are powered by the same Qualcomm SoC (System on Chip). In most mobile use cases, however, a 5 - 10 percent performance margin is likely going to be relatively imperceptible by all but power users or enthusiasts. Of course, the power user is obviously a demographic that devices like the Note7 cater to. 

Finally, we'll look at battery life numbers and then sum things up with the Galaxy Note7... 

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