Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: Feature-Packed And Refined [Updated]

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Galaxy Note7 General Compute And System Performance

AnTuTu’s latest benchmark returns a number of metrics ranked as scores, rather than frame rates or time to complete. We tested with the latest version of AnTuTu across all platforms including Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. AnTuTu returns four top level performance metric results that we're including here: CPU, RAM, 3D, UX (or User Experience) along with a total score.

AnTuTu, Mobile XPRT, And Geekbench
General System, CPU and User Experiential Performance

Galaxy Note 7 AnTuTu Benchmark

In AnTuTu once again the Galaxy Note7 ranks well, showing a strong overall score and balanced performance across all metrics. Note the Galaxy Note7's RAM score here. There's an advantage for the Note7  as well as the Moto Z series that the Galaxy S7 doesn't display. Again, though they have the same processing engines and memory complement, it's possible more current firmware updates have been optimized for the Snapdragon 820 platform in these handsets.  

GeekBench taxes only CPU cores in a handset (not graphics), with both single and multi-threaded workloads.

Galaxy Note 7 GeekBench

In this test we see the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 perform about where we expected it to, right in line with its Galaxy S7 counterparts. In terms of multi-core performance, nothing can quite catch the Huawei Mate 8 and its Kirin 950 octal core CPU. And when it comes to single threaded performance, the iPhone 6s is king but all of of Samsung Galaxy 7 series devices are close and in the hunt with their Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoCs handling the workloads. 

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