Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: Feature-Packed And Refined [Updated]

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Galaxy Note7 Browsing And Javascript Performance

First we'll take a look at how Samsung's latest Galaxy Note7 compares to other smartphones and processing engines, by examining a few benchmarks that are currently available on the Web or in the Google Play Store. 

First, let’s take a look at the JetStream JavaScript benchmark, which now replaces SunSpider in our suite of browsing tests. According to the JetStream website: JetStream is a JavaScript benchmark suite focused on the most advanced web applications. Higher scores are better.

Web Browser And Javascript Benchmarks
Web Workload Testing

Galaxy Note 7 JetStream2
The Samsung Galaxy Note7 makes a middle of the road showing here, dropping in just behind the Galaxy S7 series, if by only a hair. Motorola's Moto Z series shows a more distinct advantage. 

Rightware's BrowserMark test also ranks performance of modern mobile web browsers, along with device processing engines, in terms of how well they handle web page loading, screen resizing, and various web graphics rendering workloads.

Galaxy Note 7 Rightware Web 3 2

Here the Galaxy Note7 jumps up nicely, falling in just behind the Moto Z series and surpassing the Galaxy S7. Perhaps it's a fresh driver update that gives the Note7 its advantage here over its Galaxy S siblings, because their on-board engines are virtually identical. All phones were updated to their latest firmware, though carriers are a mix of different setups across the board.

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