Qualcomm Snapdragon 865: Next-Gen Android Phone Benchmark Preview

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 - Artificial Intelligence Tests

Next up we have a couple of AI-related benchmarks, AIMark and AiTuTu. Both of these benchmarks are available publicly, but are still in beta. AImark uses the Resnet34, Inception v3, MobileNet-SSD, and Deeplab v3+ models for image classification, image recognition, and image segmentation tasks and determines AI performance of a device by judging recognition efficiency, before outputting an overall score and individual scores and frame rates for a particular test routine.

AI & Machine Learning Benchmarks

aimark test scores snapdragon 865

aimark test fps snapdragon 865

aimark overall snapdragon 865

The Snapdragon 865 significantly outpaces every other device we tested in AIMark, across the board, regardless of the workload. Keep in mind when looking at these results, that the Snapdragon 865 has dedicated hardware for accelerating AI workloads and this benchmark has been updated to support the latest Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (SNPE) SDK, as well as an asynchronous compute mode offered by the Snapdragon 865.

AI & Machine Learning Benchmarks

AITuTu evaluates the AI performance of a device by leveraging two mainstream neural network models, Inception v3 for Image Classification and MobileNet-SSD for Object Detection. The benchmark determines the device’s accuracy and speed when inferring data in each test. 

aitutu image classification snapdragon 865

aitutu object detection snapdragon 865

aitutu scores snapdragon 865a

Accuracy is comparable across all of the devices we tested in AITuTu, but the Snapdragon 865's speed and overall performance crush the previous-gen Snapdragon 855-based Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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