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Half Life 2 : Episode 1 Performance

Valve's Half Life 2 engine has to be one of the more CPU-bound game engines on the market, especially when you consider the type of leading-edge graphics the game displays in its environments.

Performance Comparisons with Half Life 2: Episode 1
Details: http://www.half-life2.com/

Half Life 2: Episode 1
Armed with the latest episodic update to HL2, Episode 1, we benchmarked the game with a long, custom-recorded timedemo that takes us through both outdoor and indoor environments. These tests were run at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 with 4X anti-aliasing and 16X anisotropic filtering enabled concurrently, along with color correction and HDR rendering enabled in the game engine as well.

Even a single GeForce 8800 GTX with a fast Core 2 Duo processor, can score well over 100 fps in Half Life 2: EP1 at 1920X1200 resolution with 4X AA, 16X AF and HDR enabled.  This is an impressive testament to the power of the GeForce 8800 GTX in general.  Beyond that, the 165 fps score that our overclocked GF8800 GTX SLI quad-core UGS put up almost seems like over-kill.  However, dial the resolution up to 2560X1600 on an ever-gorgeous 30" Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP at well over 100 fps and you'll feel better about yourself, honest.

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