Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.46GHz 1066MHz FSB

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Cinebench 3D Rendering Tests


Cinebench 2003 Performance Tests
3D Modeling & Rendering Tests

The Cinebench 2003 benchmark is an OpenGL 3D rendering performance test, based on the commercially available Cinema 4D application.  This is a multithreaded, multiprocessor aware benchmark that renders a single 3D scene and tracks the length of the entire process.  The time it took each test system to render the entire scene is represented in the graph below (listed in seconds).  We ran two sets of numbers, one in single-thread mode and another in the benchmark's multithread mode for our Hyper-Threading enabled P4 test systems.  The Athlons are only capable of running the single thread test, hence their lack of those data points in the graph below.

In this 3D Rendering benchmark we see similar results to what we saw in the MP3 encoding test runs of our Lame MP3 benchmarks, at least as far as single-threaded scores go. There is one small exception, and that is the P4 560 Prescott core CPU bringing up the rear of the pack by a 6 – 9% margin.  Beyond that, our two P4 Extreme Edition processors are in a virtual dead heat with each other, regardless of FSB speeds, and the Athlon 64 FX-55 takes our fastest single-threaded P4 score by about 5%.  That said, there's no point to running this application in single-threaded mode when you can realize a hearty 13% performance lead over the fastest Athlon 64 score with "multi-CPU" mode enabled in Cinema 4D and Cinebench.


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