Pentium 4 Bench Test

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The Pentium 4 Bench Test 
Architecture and Performance Charting Of Intel's New Flagship

By Dave Altavilla - November 20, 2000


Windows 2000 is truly beginning to move itself from the exclusive Corporate Sector to the mainstream desktop.  With a friendly user interface, better hardware driver support and exponentially better stability, even Gamers are turning to this once "Enterprise Only" Operating System.  What was surprising to us was the performance level we experienced.


Quake 3 Arena Timedemo Benchmarks - Windows 2000Pro, Direct X 8.0
The Pentium 4 leaves the others in the dust






Simply put, Quake 3 Arena performance under Windows 2000 is significantly faster than under Win98.  In addition, the performance lead margin for the Pentium 4 grows even further under this OS.  Here the P4 is 64+ frames per second faster in the 640X480X16 test and 58 frames per second faster in the at 640X480X32.  Again, those that play at high resolutions will only gain modestly due specifically to the limitations of today's graphics cards.  However, the power of the Pentium 4 should be fairly obvious. As higher end 3D Graphics products become available, the performance delta should widen even further in favor of the P4.




We've been testing the Pentium 4 reference system that Intel sent us for about 2 weeks now.  We have looked deeply into the hardware and the performance it brings.  We hope we have given you a view as to what can be expected from Intel's new flagship processor and the road ahead for years to come with this new architecture.


For the Hot Hardware staff, the Pentium 4 is an impressive step forward that we feel has excellent potential.  The performance of the platform as it exists today is good but we feel there is room for improvement. Perhaps that will come in the form of software and applications written to take advantage of the Pentium 4's new architecture or perhaps that will come with higher clock speeds, DDR SDRAM support or third party motherboards optimizing performance.  Either way, the headroom we feel is there to bring great enhancements to the PC moving forward.


Now for a dose of practicality.  On some levels, the Pentium 4 is going to take some time to gain acceptance within the mainstream. OEMs like Dell and Gateway will have the systems available to the masses soon but the upgrading user will have to most likely purchase new memory and possibly a power supply with their new chip.  The Pentium 4's cost is relatively high as well at this juncture.  However, as the platform matures the price/performance ratio of the Pentium 4 will become more and more attractive to the average user.  The landscape is changing again with respect to performance computing.  Intel's Pentium 4 has arrived.



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