Pentium 4 Bench Test

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The Pentium 4 Bench Test 
Architecture and Performance Charting Of Intel's New Flagship

By Dave Altavilla - November 20, 2000


Bapco's Sysmark 2000 utilizes more of a stuffy "suit" (as in business suit) set of tools to measure performance.  Things like Excel, Power Point and Word 2000 are all part of the test as well as a few Internet Content Creation apps like those we saw in the Content Creation Winstone 2001 test.  Regardless, this test has a little more of an everyday "light duty" approach.


Sysmark 2000  - Windows 2000 Pro Performance
Where the P4 doesn't shine...


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Pentium 4 1.5GHz.

Pentium 3 1GHz.

Athlon 1GHz.


There are only a few subtle differences to note here.  The Pentium 3 pulls ahead in Business Productivity and the Pentium 4 inches by in Internet Content Creation.  The Athlon is sort of a "Jack of all trades" but master of none.  However these test, in all actuality, show a dead heat between the three.  Not what we expected to see from the Pentium 4 with a 500MHz. clock speed advantage. 


However, Intel's targets were on applications of the future that are more robust than something like Word 2000.  In addition, we have not seen what software optimized for the P4 platform will do, as of yet.


Win98SE 3D Gaming Benchmarks - Unreal Tournament and MDK2
Perhaps this is recreation for you but NOT for the processor.


Before we dig into the Quake 3 scores, we might as well tease you a little with Unreal Tournament numbers as well as MDK2.  We ran Unreal Tournament in Direct 3D Mode with Direct X 8.0.  MDK2 is an OpenGL driven game.  Both are fairly hearty CPU hogs.  You can reference our test system specs here again if you need a refresher.  Remember, the P4/i850 is pitted against the P3/i815E and Athlon/KT133 platforms in all tests.  Let's have a look.





The Pentium 4 leads here by a margin of 10% to 8%,  with it's lead diminishing as the GeForce2 Ultra graphics card reaches its fill rate limit at 1024X768.  In higher resolutions, the graphics card becomes the bottleneck.

Let's see what things look like in MDK2.


MDK2 and 3DMark 2000


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