Pentium 4 Bench Test

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The Pentium 4 Bench Test 
Architecture and Performance Charting Of Intel's New Flagship

By Dave Altavilla - November 20, 2000


Next up, we have an Intel supplied benchmark that utilizes applications that exploit the Pentium 4's architecture.  Multimedia applications and applications that make use of the high bandwidth of the processor, will typically show the greatest gain in performance with the Pentium 4.  One such application is Cannon's eJay MP3 Software for generating MP3 and WAV audio files that it will "burn" on a CDR for you or on to your hard disk.  It also will let you convert MP3 files to WAV and back.  Here is a shot of the application in action.


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At any rate, this is one of many applications that are utilized within the Intel "Application Launcher V2.1" utility that was provided with the P4 test system.  Here are the results.


Intel Application Launcher v2.1 - Windows 2000 Pro Performance
Stressing the Pentium 4 and showing its strengths...

Intel Application Launcher v2.1:


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Pentium 4 1.5GHz.                        Pentium 3 1GHz.                          Athlon 1GHz.


Two notables should be pointed out in this test.  Both the P3 and the Athlon failed to perform the Ligos Go Motion test, so that test was not performed in those runs.  We also ran the eJay tests a couple of times within the Pentium 3 and Athlon runs, to show you the variance between runs, which was minimal.


As you can see, in each of the runs that were common to all processors, the Pentium 4 has a commanding lead.  The gain was 25% to over 50% as was noted versus the 1GHz. Athlon score in the Video Studio test.  Again, this is an Intel compiled benchmark.  We expected to see measurable gains since Intel prepared the playing field here.  Let's look at some industry standard third party benchmark suites now.



Content Creation Winstone 2001 - Ziff Davis Media
More high end business and productivity tests

Recently released, Content Creation Winstone 2001 utilizes applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Macromedia Director and Macromedia Dreamweaver.  These applications tend to stress a system more than a word processor or other low end business application but are not as taxing as the audio and video streams utilized in applications like eJay MP3 and Video Studio.  Here's how the Pentium 4 stacks up.



Here we see the Pentium 4 1.5GHz. Processor is only about 11% faster than its 1GHz. counterparts.  Again, these tests are more user input driven and less bandwidth and processing intensive.  However, they are on the higher end of the "Productivity" spectrum.  Clearly, when a processing load is placed on the system versus I/O intensive tasks, the Pentium 4 begins to break out more.



Bapco Sysmark 2000 and Gaming Benchmarks


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