Pentium 4 Bench Test

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The Pentium 4 Bench Test 
Architecture and Performance Charting Of Intel's New Flagship

By Dave Altavilla - November 20, 2000


Without the need for introduction, we have Quake 3 Timedemo 1 benchmarks for you.  Quake 3 Timedemo tests are the industry standard benchmark for 3D Gaming performance, that everyone can relate to.



Quake 3 Arena Version 1.17 Timedemo Benchmarks - Win98SE, Direct X 8.0
The Pentium 4 takes over...




When the test is set to allow a processor to run away with frame rate, the Pentium 4 really shows its prowess.  Without the graphics card throttling things back, in 640X480 resolution, the P3 is a full 30 fps faster than the speedy Athlon 1GHz. CPU.  We include the 1024X768 resolution test to show you what the fill rate limit of the GeForce card places on a system while in the higher resolutions.  Let loose to crunch polygons at the low end 640X480 setting, the Pentium 4 shows good power locked within.


The Torture1 Demo benchmark taxes the entire system with a enormous multi-user session recorded and played back.  This test stresses the processing power of both CPU and graphics card.






Once again the Pentium 4 holds strong and posts roughly the same level of gain in frame rate as in the Timedemo tests.



We then tested things under the Windows 2000 environment and noticed something VERY interesting.


Quake 3 Arena Tests - Windows 2000Pro and The Conclusion


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