MSI RX800: Radeon X800 XT (PCI Express)

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Overclocking The RX800

Overclocking The MSI RX800 Radeon X800 XT
Making Fast Faster...

Looking through the benchmark scores throughout this review, it's clear that the MSI RX800 is an extremely fast video card.  But you know as well as we do, there is always some performance to be gained by overclocking a video card's core and memory.  A higher fillrate and more memory bandwidth will usually yield higher performance in any game that's GPU bound.  We installed the latest version of PowerStrip to overclock the MSI RX800, and here's what we found out...


We slowly raised the RX800's core and memory clock speeds using PowerStrip until we begun to see on-screen visual artifacts.  Ultimately, we were able to take the RX800's core and memory up from their stock clock speeds of 500MHz, to 536MHz and 578MHz (1.16GHz) respectively.  Clock speeds that put the MSI RX800 past a Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition.  With the card overclocked we re-ran the Aquamark 3 and Doom 3 benchmarks and gained 3.4 FPS in Aquamark (9.5%) and 5.4 FPS in D3 (15.3%).

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