MSI GT627-216US Gaming Notebook Review

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Battery Performance

Battery Eater Pro
Battery Info & Performance

No notebook review would be compete without a test of the system’s battery life so we ran Battery Eater Pro’s Classic and Idle tests to get a better feel for the GT627’s battery performance. Under the Battery Eater Idle test, the system idles until the battery drains. We also ran the Battery Eater Classic test, which stresses the CPU and GPU to full load until the battery runs out of power. During both tests, the wireless radios were enabled.

Gaming notebooks don’t typically offer longevity in their portable form. Because these systems require plenty of power in order to perform at their best, most users expect to be tethered to a power outlet the majority of the time. The GT627’s battery life was better than some gaming notebooks we’ve seen, though it’s still limited. Using Battery Eater Pro’s Classic Test, the GT627 stayed alive for one hour and 50 minutes. As should be expected, the Idle test offered a longer lifespan of three hours and 24 minutes.

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