MSI GT627-216US Gaming Notebook Review

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Crysis v1.21
DirectX 10 Gaming Performance


Crytek's game engine visuals in Crysis are some of the most impressive real-time 3D renderings we've seen to date on a computer screen. The engine employs some of the latest techniques in 3D rendering like Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Subsurface Scattering, Motion Blur, and Depth-of-Field effects, as well as an impressive use of Shader technology. The single player, FPS Crysis is a smash-hit, and rightfully so. Because this game is so demanding, even respectable machines don’t always achieve very high scores.

Crysis was the only game in which the GT627 didn’t score as well as we would have liked. The system managed 22.86fps at the notebook’s native resolution (1280 x 800), which is below what most would call a “playable” frame rate. At 800 x 600 resolution, however, the GT627 came very close to being playable where the GT627 managed 35.79fps. In both tests, we used high quality settings with full screen enabled and Anti-Aliasing turned off.

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