Microsoft Xbox One, The Full Review

Xbox One In-Game Imagery

We’re sure many of you are most interested in how the Xbox One’s games look and play. With that in mid, we quickly captured some in-game action and screenshots using an Avermedia Game Capture HD II device. (Note: this could have been done with the Xbox One’s built-in Game DVR function, but the ability to share the Game DVR’s clips to SkyDrive wasn’t enabled until late in the review process.)

Killer Instinct:

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Dead Rising 3:

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Loco Cycle:

Crimson Dragon:

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Powerstar Golf:

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Zoo Tycoon:

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As good as some of this may look, we want to re-iterate that Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome are the best looking Xbox One titles in our opinion, at least in the small group of titles we were able to play. Unfortunately, due to embargos that are still in place, we’re not permitted to post new assets for those games.

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