Maingear RUSH SuperStock X99 Review: PC Gaming Like A Boss

Maingear Rush PCMark 8 And Cinebench Performance

Futuremark PCMark 8
Simulated Application Performance

PCMark 8 simulates the workloads computers face in several different settings, including home, office and content creation. The benchmark also has a test that simulates a creative professional’s usage, as well as battery and storage tests. We ran the tests with OpenCL acceleration enabled to leverage the power of the Maingear RUSH's GPUs and CPU combined.

Maingear Rush X99 PCMark8

Not surprisingly, the Maingear RUSH SuperStock X99 system we tested offered up the best numbers we've seen in this benchmark to date. However, this is a rather light duty workload for such high-powered machine. There's a lot of GPU and CPU firepower left untapped in this test. 

Cinebench R11.5 64-bit
Content Creation Performance

Based on Maxon Cinema 4D software, this test uses a 3D scene and polygon and texture manipulation to assess GPU and CPU performance. We ran the Main Processor Performance (CPU) test, which builds a still scene containing about 2,000 objects, for a total polygon count above the 300,000 mark. Here we're focusing strictly on software rendering on the CPU and it's heavily taxing on this one aspect of system performance, both with multithreaded and single-threaded rendering. 

Maingear Rush Cinebench

Here the RUSH's heavily overclocked 8-core Core i7 CPU posts roughly a 23 percent performance edge over the fastest systems we've tested to date, in terms of multithreaded performance. In single core throughput, the overclocked Core i7-5960X Haswell-E just edged out the Ivy Bridge based Core i7-4960X in the previous gen Maingear RUSH. Again, however, this test doesn't really play to the strength of any of the gaming systems in this CPU isolated benchmark. If you're interested in a PC that is of the caliber of the Maingear RUSH SuperStock X99, you're likely going to be maniacally focused on gaming performance, which is what we'll step through next. 

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