Maingear RUSH SuperStock X99 Review: PC Gaming Like A Boss

Maingear Rush Overclocking, Load Testing And SANDRA

Load testing this beast of a system was no small feat as with a heavily overclocked octal core CPU and three top-of-the-line GPUs ripping through things, workloads are dispatched with haste. Maingear had the core clock multipliers of the Core i7-5960X Haswell-E chip in the system set to 45, which equated to 4.5GHz across all cores. And they also had the system's Kingston DDR4 memory set to 3000MHz.

Maingear 45GHz OC
All 8 cores rip through Cinebench at 4.5GHz in record time.

Maingear GPU OC

Overclocked Loaded Temps
The RUSH's Overclocked GeForce GTX 980 Ti's stay cool under pressure.

At this setting, the three beefy NVIDIA GPUs and our overclocked Intel octal core processor don’t even break a sweat under load, thanks to the RUSH SuperStock's killer cooling system. Incidentally, those three GeForce GTX 980 Tis have 250MHz core and 350MHz memory overclocks applied to them as well but under load, they didn’t warm up much above 48C.

Synthetic CPU, Memory And Hard Disk Testing
SiSoft SANDRA has a variety of tests that stress specific components or simulate certain tasks. We put the system through the CPU Arithmetic, Multimedia, Memory Bandwidth, and Physical Disks tests. SANDRA receives frequent updates, so if you use the benchmark, check to make sure you have the latest version.

sandra cpu sandra multimedia
CPU Arithmetic And Multimedia Tests

sandra memory sandra disk
Memory Bandwidth And Physical Disk Tests

Maingear's new RUSH SuperStock pulls out some stellar quick sanity check numbers here in SANDRA. A 4.5GHz octal core Core i7 Haswell-E CPU punches out some great throughput numbers, as does 3GHz DDR4 memory, which offered up gobs of bandwidth at over 57GB/sec. In addition, in the SANDRA Physical Disk test, the Intel SSD 750 drive showed what it is made of at over 2GB/sec of read throughput.

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