Lenovo Yoga 920 Review: An Elegant, Powerful 2-In-1 Ultrabook

Lenovo Yoga 920 Review : SunSpider, PCMark 8, and Cinebench

SunSpider is a browser-based Javascript benchmark. The various tests used to come up with the final score include 3D raytracing, generating tag clouds from a JavaScript Object Notation data-interchange format input, code decompression and several others.

sunspider 2 

The Lenovo Yoga 920 clocked in among the fastest ultrabooks we have seen, though it couldn't quite catch the X1 or some of Dell's latest XPS machines. Next up, some PCMark 8...

 lenovo yoga 920 pcmark8v2

The Lenovo Yoga 920 scored well in the PCMark 8 tests we ran. It had the second highest performance in the Accelerated Home test and the fifth best under the Work Accelerated test.

Cinebench tests CPU and GPU performance. The CPU test runs up to 256 threads in order to complete a scene with 300,000 polygons, with 2,000 reflections, shadows, lighting and anti-aliasing. The GPU test renders almost a million polygons and includes effects like transparency, bump and environment mapping.

 lenovo yoga 920 cinebench r115

lenovo yoga 920 cinebench r15

The Intel Kaby Lake R processor inside the Lenovo Yoga 920 clearly showed its muscle. The system scored the fastest CPU performance under Cinebench R15 and the second fastest in Cinebench R11.5. The GPU performance was good too, relative to the other systems with integrated graphics processors.

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