Lenovo IdeaPad U310: A More Affordable Ultrabook

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Performance Summary and Rating

Performance Summary: The Lenovo IdeaPad U310 is a capable, portable, and classy ultrabook. As we discussed briefly in the beginning of our benchmark discussion, the system isn't meant to wow you with unrivalled performance. It's not a heavy-duty gamer, for example, and the graphics benchmarks reflect that. But the U310 is meant to be competitive in the price/performance arena, and it is, despite the single-channel DDR3 memory. We're still of the opinion that dual-channel memory could provide a little extra performance for Lenovo's ultrabooks.

As a machine you would use for everyday school, home, or business productivity, the U310 offers solid performance at just under the sweet-spot price of $800. And if you're willing to go with an Intel Core i3 processor, you can pick up the ultrabook for as little as $750.  If you have a bit more budget, the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon or Dell Inspiron 14z both offer more robust performance and other component level upgrades as well.

For connectivity, we found the 310's Wi-Fi reception to be strong where we expected it to be, and decent in our network's known trouble spots. From a design standpoint, the U310 has a clean, polished style that makes it look like a more expensive laptop than it really is. And, more importantly, the U310 is very light and thin. Where a typical notebook can be somewhat unwieldy, the U310 is light enough that ultra-portability will be a nearly effortless affair for most users, without sacrificing style or performance.  To boot, at it's MSRP of $799 as tested, you can bet you'll find deals at street prices that might even run a bit less.  If you're looking for a competent slim laptop, we're very comfortable recommending the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 to you.

  •  Classy, modern look and slim body
  •  Single channel DDR3 memory configuration
  •  Comfortable, almost spacious keyboard
  •  Keyboard lacks a backlight
  •  Solid battery life
  •  Clutter-free Desktop and useful free software

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