Intel V8 Media Creation Platform - Dual Sockets - Dual Xeons

Digging Into The System BIOS


The S500XVN's system BIOS will likely consist of a mix of familiar and unfamiliar items depending on your computing background. If you've got any experience with Intel-built motherboards or servers, the main menu and general layout of the BIOS and its menus should be old-hat. For desktop enthusiasts, however, the BIOS options shown here are going to definitely be out of the ordinary.

Intel Server Board S500XVN
Exploring The BIOS






Most of the BIOS menus consist of standard items for configuring integrated peripherals or the many features native to Intel's processors, like Virtualization or EIST for example.  From within the S5000XVN's BIOS, user's can enable or disable any of the on-board peripherals, tweak memory timings, set passwords, and configure the boot sequence, etc  There aren't any controls for tweaking voltages or front side bus frequencies though, so overclocking is out.  There is no traditional hardware monitoring functionality directly in the system BIOS either, and acoustic controls are limited to selecting how far above sea-level the system is located.  Definitely not an enthusiast-class motherboard by any means.

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